The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0
The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0
Network Cooperation
U-Channel Retail – Update Fall 2013
"Keeping the Lights on"
Two Realities for Renewables
National Fibre Strategies
Arthur D. Little - Exane BNP Paribas report 2013
8th Global Innovation Excellence Survey

The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrowBy 2050 urban mobility will be one of the biggest challenges of cities around the globe. The second version of Arthur D. Little`s report on the “Future of Urban Mobility” delivers answers to the pressing issues of tomorrow. It includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of 84 cities [...]

The Creativity Era

Driven by a confluence of factors such as expanding global competition, new customer mindsets and technology megatrends, we see the emergence of a new era for business – the Creativity Era. Besides other fascinating topics, our new issue of Prism shows how in this Creativity Era companies need to make a step change in their ability to move rapidly into new business areas and in some cases reinvent themselves completely – or else risk destruction. [...]

From Silos to Layers

How Operators Need to Change Their Operating Model to Cope With Industry Dynamics

The industry dynamics of telecoms services has lead to an increasing disintermediation of the value chain and the emergence of new interfaces between operators and external partners. The “IP-ization” of networks requires telecoms operators to rethink their organizational design beyond the traditional Sales, Network and IT. [...]

Managing Well Integrity

Well Integrity Needs the Same Level of Care and Attention as Asset Integrity

Successful well integrity management is a critical and evolving theme across the oil and gas industry. The Macondo incident, the Elgin field leaks and other, less prominently reported incidents demonstrate that even sophisticated energy companies are not able to “get it right” all the time. [...]

Future-proof & lean DMS integration

Efficient processes and systems in automotive retail are gaining importance for OEMs. They actually are a critical success factor to reach sales targets by enabling efficient customer facing processes and lean processing of large sales quantities. Dealer management systems (DMS) play a major role in this field. Therefore in-depth knowledge and capabilities need to be developed how to overcome costly and complex DMS integration and support new business opportunities like online sales, better customer experience and analytics as well as connected cars. [...]

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We are a global management consultancy specializing in strategy and operations management, serving major corporations and organizations worldwide. We are recognized as leaders in linking strategy, technology and innovation to deliver sustainable solutions that address our clients' most complex business challenges. [...]

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For 125 years, the Arthur D. Little name has been synonymous with technological ingenuity and innovative thinking. Arthur D. Little’s management consulting services were not only sought after by corporations but also by state and federal agencies and governments worldwide. Ever since our work focused on a host of services to help our clients. [...]

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Harnessing the power of innovation to protect and create business value is critical for companies as the global competitive landscape evolves into a new order - especially in the current environment. Arthur D. Little helps companies get a grip on the most pressing issues and redefine the way they do business through innovation. [...]

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